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"The most important innovation I've ever seen in dentistry."
Dr. Robert Eber

Clinical Professor

Director of Clinical Research
University of Michigan School of Dentistry
Diplomate and Past Chair
American Board of Periodontology

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Join the revolution as we set a new standard in oral care with the ProclaimTM custom-jet oral irrigator.

Integrating intraoral scanning + advanced CAD software + 3D printing, Proclaim raises the bar with up to 60 custom, pressurized jets that target interproximally to blast away food and bacteria in just 7 seconds - providing a personalized, automated, precision clean every time.

Integrating intraoral scanning + advanced CAD software + 3D printing, Proclaim raises the bar with up to 60 custom jets to blast away food and bacteria in just 7 seconds.

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Easily cleans where brushes and floss struggle to reach

Proclaim precisely positions up to 60 pressurized jets to target between your teeth and below your gumline, providing a 360 degree deep cleaning.

Provide the ultimate oral care experience

Our revolutionary at-home, custom-jet oral irrigator provides your patients with the easiest, fastest, and most-effective at-home oral care.

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Professional-level care in just 7 seconds a day!

Our advanced software uses an intraoral scan captured by a dental professional to create a customized Proclaim mouthpiece for your patient. With just a push of a button, an automated 7-second treatment delivers a precise 360-degree cleaning to hard-to-reach interdental areas.

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How does partnering with Proclaim benefit my patients and my practice?

Proclaim's Custom-Jet Oral Health System provides the most effective, fastest, and easiest professional-level care for your patients, at home, in just 7 seconds a day! Once you become a Proclaim partner, you'll be able to provide new, cutting-edge technology to your patients for better patient care, all while creating a new revenue stream for your practice. We will compensate your practice for scanning and educating patients about Proclaim once mouthpiece orders successfully ship.

How do I offer Proclaim to my patients?

Once you’ve been approved and onboarded, we will provide you with all the necessary items to capture scans for Proclaim. No inventory that you will need to manage, you will just need to scan and submit. Proclaim will handle the financial transaction and shipping with the patient directly.

Is my patient a good candidate for this product?

Proclaim works for people with permanent stable dentition. For patients in active orthodontic treatment, or with mixed dentition, they will need to finalize treatment or obtain permanent dentition before the use of Proclaim.

When will Proclaim be available?

Pre-orders for the device will open up in mid-2023.

Is the custom mouthpiece made via PVS impression at home or by intraoral scan in office?

To ensure the most accurate custom mouthpiece, we require all Proclaim users to receive a digital 3D intraoral scan with a trained dental professional within the practice. We will not be working with PVS impressions.

What file formats are accepted by Proclaim and what type of intraoral scanners do you support?

At Proclaim, we currently work with 3Shape, iTero, PrimeScan, VirtuoVivo, CareStream, and Medit scanners. Our goal is to support all scanner types, so if you have one that is not listed, please let us know. All files exported from one of these scanners will need to be submitted in .STL format.

Is Proclaim a product intended to be used in an office setting or within the home?

Our product is made for in-home daily use.

What material is the mouthpiece made out of?

Proclaim mouthpieces are made from a medical-grade, biocompatible resin used for the 3D printing of medical and dental devices.

How long do Proclaim mouthpieces last?

Proclaim’s customized mouthpieces should last 2 years with normal use. If there are substantial changes to a patient's dentition, they may need to order a new mouthpiece.

Is FRESH Health the same thing as Proclaim?

FRESH Health is our company name, and the Proclaim Custom-Jet Oral Health System is our initial product name and descriptor.